What You Must Experience on Your First Trip to Sydney

Sydney is a destination that lies in many bucket lists. Australia’s biggest city is a wondrous destination that every traveler is fascinated with. From amazing attractions to free healthcare, there are plenty of reasons why your visit is a must. The ideal climate all year round is surely a winner, and most of the travelers find it the best getaway when the climate in their countries reaches its extremes. For anyone who visits Australia, Sydney is truly a magnet.

If it’s your first time to the magical city, here are some of the things you must explore.

1. The Rocks

Sydney has a very interesting past, and to explore the best of it take a trip to the Rocks. There are plenty of ways the locals and the tourists can enjoy this attraction of Sydney. Most of the tourists love having a picnic under the Harbor Bridge.

The Rocks is home to amazing museums and retail shops that you wouldn’t find elsewhere in Sydney. The galleries and museums would take you back in time to explore the rich history of Sydney. The Rocks Discovery Museum is one of the most fascinating attractions to explore while you’re there. There are plenty of options for eating out and getting entertained while you’re there.

2. Sydney Tower

The tallest structure in Sydney is also one of the most attractive ones. This is a major tourist attraction in the city that readily becomes everyone’s favorite. The view from the top is truly an amazing one and one of the must-do experience while you’re in the city.

Stepping onto the SKYWALK is one of the most tremendous experiences. The glass floor platform gives the best views to the rest of the city. Looking at the bustling city below is truly a jaw-dropping sight.

3. Bondi Beach

Everyone knows about Sydney’s beaches. There is nothing more appealing to the tourists. To top it off, the ideal climate all year round makes it even more fascinating to splurge in some fun and have the time of your life. Famously known to be ‘London on the Caribbean’, Sydney boasts its 100 beaches. The Bondi Beach is the most popular one of these.

For adventurers, the Bondi Beach is no less than a paradise with amazing opportunities all year round. It is packed with tourists and locals because of also being a family-friendly spot.

4. Sydney Opera House

If you’re a first time traveler to Sydney, you wouldn’t want to miss out the most popular attraction of the city. It is surely Australia’s most well known buildings with a rich history. The location and architecture of the Opera House is appealing to date. Whether it comes to opera or dance, the atmosphere of Sydney Opera House is truly an experience you would want to remember for a lifetime.

National Parks Tours Provide A Different Experience

Adventure tour operators specialize in guided tour packages focused on providing an experience of the National Parks like most have never seen. Visitors to the great National Parks of the United States southwest will be exposed to the offerings of scenic landscapes and natural terrain that is unlike anywhere else in the country, or even the world. These “adventurous types” are generally overwhelmed by the volume of choices of day trips, and a lack of understanding of the area actually could have potentially disastrous effects, as recently discussed in a story presented on ABC’s show “20/20” called “My GPS Almost Killed Me.”

The 20/20 story follows a day trip to Death Valley involving Donna Cooper and her family, where a lack of updated information causes the Garmin GPS in her car to give directions leading her horribly astray from any civilization. Her car runs out of gas in a remote part of the park near Scotty’s Castle, and the lives of the family are saved only by a California Highway Patrol chopper who got lucky and followed a hunch, finally locating the family in a small area known as “The Big Trees.” The nightmare story of being lost in one of the Earth’s most harsh climates without food or water has a happy ending, but should be used as a learning experience. It isn’t called “Death valley” for nothing, and many of the other National Parks that are located within driving distance are equally daunting.

Adventure tour operators offer an experience that is both safe and entertaining, as the operators utilize professional equipment and vehicles so as to tour in style and comfort, but also have an intricate knowledge of each area that they tour. As a learning experience, a professional tour operator will provide the tidbits of information that you cannot find in books, and as a tourist experience you will have a far more pleasurable trip not worrying about your GPS being updated.

Many tour packages are available on websites that carter to National Parks tours that will provide the adventure you are seeking, and private tours are another option for those who want a more private experience. National Parks like Zion, Bryce, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon provide scenery and landscapes that are unlike anywhere else on the globe, and professional tour companies can enhance the experience by removing the stress, allowing you to experience the park the way you want to, and giving you the guidance you may be seeking.

Beach Babes in The Bahamas

Yes, other people swim with dolphins, walk with gorillas and hang out with chimps. But here in the extraordinary Exumas, it is the pigs that are the main attraction. These lucky porkers have their very own island. It is called Big Major Cay and they spend their days rooting around Pig Beach. Back in the day of the first settlers, an entrepreneur from nearby Staniel Cay found that the unpleasant odour from his pig stock was causing a problem in this tiny island hamlet. He hit upon the cunning plan of relocating them to their own deserted yet nearby island. There were 365 island Cays after all. So these happy hogs were moved to their own neighbouring island where they could be “harvested” as the need arose for a roast and some streaky bacon. The pigs learnt that while the sight of an oncoming boat may mean the loss of family, it also meant the arrival of food. After a few decades, the pigs were declared protected and pig farming ceased on the island. The descendants of these original hogs remain today providing a unique tourist attraction. These smart little babes have gathered that whoever swims out to the visiting boats first, is the most likely to score delectable bread snacks from the tourists. As we glided in on our boat, we saw no sign of the pigs but suddenly the low scrubby bushes at the back of the beach began to shake and emit grunting sounds. The pigs leapt onto their trotters, the grunts gave way to squeals as they hurled themselves headlong down the beach. Hurtling into the water, they swam furiously towards us using their snouts as built-in snorkels. Now was the time for us to plunge overboard and swim toward shore surrounded by a motley coloured crew of swine. Surprisingly calm and respectful, there was no snapping or biting or snatching. The only lurking, bobbing danger being the little poop parcels that should best be avoided.

How to get there: Book a trip with one of the friendly boat operators based in Georgetown or Staniel Cay. Expect fun, friendly entertainment from the moment your flip-flopped feet alight upon the deck. Cruise past islands of the rich and famous, snorkel Thunderball Grotto, spot the sunken drug plane, get close to the endangered dragon-like Exuma Island Iguana and of course swim with those irresistible oinks.

What else: Eat a conch salad on the beach at Stocking Island. Pack your fins, masks and goggles and board Elvis’ water taxi from Georgetown harbour. Stocking Island is for the committed and talented chiller. Flop on the beach, watch dolphins, ogle the giant rays, order a pina colada and savour the freshest flavours in a delicately balanced ceviche-style conch salad. As the sun glides toward the horizon, be sure not to miss the last taxi. And maybe I should not mention that there is a famous pig roast on the beach every Sunday.